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Amy C. Edmondson A Fuller Explanation

I'd like to thank Dr. Amy C. Edmondson for her permission to publish her book
"A Fuller Explanation"
on the Internet.

Amy C. Edmondson
A Fuller Explanation
The Synergetic Geometry of R. Buckminster Fuller


Book's first printing, 1987
Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data
Edmondson, Amy C.
A Fuller explanation.
The synergetic geometry of R. Buckminster Fuller.
(Design science collection)
"A Pro scientia viva title."
Bibliography: p.
Includes index.
1. System theory. 2. Thought and thinking.
3. Mathematics—Philosophy. 4. Geometry—Philosophy.
5. Fuller. R. Buckminster (Richard Buckminster).
1895-1983. I. Title. II. Series.
Q295.E33 1986 003 86-14791

CIP-Kurztitelaufnahme der Deutschen Bibliothek
Edmondson, Amy C.:
A Fuller explanation : the synerget. geometry of
R. Buckminster Fuller / Amy C. Edmondson—1.
print. —Boston ; Basel ; Stuttgart : Birkhäuser, 1986
(Design science collection) (A pro scientia viva title)

ISBN 3-7643-33383-3 (Basel...)
ISBN 0-8176-33383-3 (Boston)

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