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Amy C. Edmondson A Fuller Explanation


Arthur Loeb first introduced me to the intricate structure of ordered space through his wonderful course at Harvard University. As editor of this book, he generously resumes his instructive role—seven years later, long after his responsibility to a former student has expired. For this I am deeply grateful. Dr. Loeb has perfected the art of gentle critism, and it was an extrodinary privilege to have had this exposure to his kindness and wisdom.

      I am greatly indebted to Bucky's family, especially Allegra Fuller Snyder and Jaime Snyder, for their enthusiastic endorsement of my decision to write this book; their commitment to making available information about Bucky's work and life has enabled A Fuller Explanation to exist. I also want to thank John Ferry at the Buckminster Fuller Institute for his assistance in locating photographs.

      I am grateful to many people for their encouragement and inspiration, but above all to my parents, Bob and Mary Edmondson, whose support of this project was indispensable.

      I want to thank Martha Lerski for her eager and skillful editing; her help was invaluable. Also, I profited enormously from the insights of many who have attended synergetics workshops, but to none am I more indebted than to Darrell Mullis, Tony Perry, Martha Stires Perry, and Carrie Fisher.

      My husband, Mark Carpenter, provided the constant sustenance that nurtured both this book and its author throughout the writing process. He contributed many of the drawings, hours of editing, and most importantly his inexhaustible intellectual curiosity.

      Finally, Bucky was and remains an endless source of inspiration. He was the best teacher and friend any 21-year-old just entering the "real world" could have had. It would be redundant to try to express my gratitude for this experience, for that is what I hope this book will do.


New York, New York

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